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【CAT&DOG】Cat Pattern Blanket

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【Jacquard loungewear and matching cat print blanket】

Made with "powder" material, which is soft and fluffy.

POWDER: It has a light and fluffy touch, that feels like a powder that shakes softly to finish a cake. The powdery feel is more long-lasting and resistant to moisture. The fine knit short-hair knit fabric has just the right amount of elasticity to wrap around the body.


This is a pet-sized blanket, using the same cat pattern as the jacquard pullover. The material used is "powder" with a light texture. It is just the right size for a pet bed or other place for cats and small dogs, and if folded in two, it can easily be placed in a carry bag.

This blanket is light enough to bring with you not only for home time, but also for road trips and other travel destinations. You can choose from two colors: off-white or pink.

Details & Care
  • Material: POLYESTER100%
  • SKU: PAGG231607
  • Imported

Size & Chart
    Height: 16.4 in, Width: 22.5 in
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