Why Choose Japanese Loungewear from Gelato Pique?

Gelato Pique is America’s leading provider of luxury Japanese loungewear. NYC and other big cities offer many choices when it comes to Japanese fashion, but often these designs and brands come with hefty price tags and limits on styles. Our goal is to offer cute Japanese loungewear that is as comfortable as it is fashionable. ...Our items are so cute that you will want to wear them outside too! That’s why we make versatile items that can be worn around the house, at the coffee shop, while running errands or just watching a movie. Our hoodies and pullovers, branded t-shirts and dresses, socks and leg warmer sets, and even our lounge pants can become a part of your everyday wardrobe or can simply be reserved for luxuriating at home in bed. Choose from a selection of high-quality Gelato Pique fabrics that add warmth, smoothness, comfort, or breathability to your life and see firsthand what luxury looks like.

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