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2023 Gelato Pique Early Spring Collection

Discover our latest Men's collection to give a hint of color to your loungewear style. Some of the items available in Women's size can be perfect matching outfit gifts.



Cassic '2 Border' Knit

Gelato Pique's signature item is now available with sustainable material, 'Recycled Gelato'. Designed with Gelato Pique logo on the back.



Charming 'Duck' Knit

A charming duck motif, knitted with fluffy 'Baby Moco' expresses sense of joy as a perfect set-up outfit for the upcoming spring. 





Ivy Styled 'College Logo' Knit

Made with smoothly textured 'Baby Moco', College Logo Jacquard Knit Cardigan is a perfect addition for your set-up style to spend the rest of the season nice and cozy.


'Gelato' Border Series

Gelato Pique's signature 'Gelato' Border items are must-haves that cloak you with melty texture as it's named. Available in both Women's and Men's size.

'Towel Moco' Linen Cardigan

Showcasing a marine motif, this room wear series features Towel Moco fabric that is soft and lightweight.  Available in two colors, blue and navy.

'Towel Moco' Marine Pullover

Get dressed in this a marine-themed loungewear made with Towel Moco; a soft and lightweight fabric which gives you gentle texture like a fluffy towel.