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2023 Gelato Pique Spring Colors Collection

Spring is almost there. We're introducing newly arrived items that bring fresh spring vibes to your loungewear style; Spring Colors. Enjoy these melty textures of 'Smoothie' material and stay cozy through the upcoming spring.

An easy-to-match styling with a basic cardigan and classic border pants.
This solid color cardigan is a must-have that can go well along with any items in your closet. 

Gelato Pique's signature border outfit. The classic style matched from top to bottom brings feelings of joy your lounge time.

Knitted with soft and light-weight 'Baby Moco', this set-up is also perfect for one-mile outfit for its vintage jacket look. 

Start your day cozy with smooth, easy-touch rayon t-shirt. Available in unisex size so that you can share it with your partner and family.