Online pre-order begins on Monday,
September 13th at 12PM (EST)

Mash Style Lab Co., LTD’s loungewear brand Gelato Pique will be releasing a collection with a total of 32 products featuring designs of Nintendo’s Super Mario.

Pre-order for the collection begins on Monday, September 13th at 12PM (EST) online, on Gelato Pique USA’s website.

Additionally, a special page featuring Japanese model Nicole Fujita will be live on Gelato Pique’s website starting Tuesday, September 7th at 12PM (JST).

※1 Online limited products included


A special collection created with the hopes of bringing color to your home
and uplifting your mood with Mario and Yoshi, regardless of your
active or relaxing personal lifestyle.

The Super Mario collection featuring characters that have been loved by many for decades
is available in both men's and women’s sizes
so a wide range of customers can
enjoy the line up.

Make the most out of your time spent at home
with Gelato Pique’s special
Super Mario collection.


Other Products

・Character Jacquard Cowichan Sweater/ $103.60
<Colors: Black, Yellow>
・Yoshi Pattern Long Dress/ $97.90

・Mens Character Jacquard Cowichan Sweater/ $112.80
<Colors: Black, Yellow>
・Mens Hoodie & Long Pants Set/ $204.40
・Yoshi Mens Hoodie & Long Pants Set/ $204.40

・Character T-Shirt/ $64.80
<Colors: Gray, Off-White>

・《Ladies》Character Room Shoes/ $49.00
・《Mens》Character Room Shoes/ $51.80
・Yoshi Pattern Pouch / $43.20
・Yoshi Pattern Multi-Purpose Pouch/ $49.00
・Yoshi Pattern Tissue Pouch/ $37.50
・Yoshi Pattern Eco Bag/ $23.00

About Pre-Order

■Pre-order starting online: Monday, September 13th at 12PM (EST)
・Online Stores:
【Gelato Pique USA Online store】
※Up to 3 items can be purchased for each product and size per order.  
※Order cancellation is prohibited

■In-store and online release date: Early October 2021
Gelato Pique USA flagship store:
125 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002

Precautions for sales:
・There is a possibility that the sale of this collection will be postponed, or the store sales will be discontinued depending on the
    COVID-19 situation. Thank you for your understanding.
 If any changes occur, we will notify you on Gelato Pique USA website and Instagram (@gelatopique_usa).
・In store sales, admission may be restricted or numbered tickets may be distributed to prevent infection with the COVID-19.
    Please contact the store for details on the release date.

● Gelato Pique USA phone number: (917) 388-3775
● Email:  

Special limited-edition shopping bags will be available!

Limited to customers who have purchased the Super Mario Collection. We will be giving an exclusively designed Super Mario shopping bag in Gelato Pique colors,
Available in 3 sizes.
*Limited in stock.


Since the release of Nintendo’s classic Family Computer™ game "Super Mario Bros." in 1985, the series has gained a
large following for over 35 years and is loved by a wide range of audiences regardless of age, from all over the world.
A total of 384 million Mario games have sold across the globe. Super Mario and it’s characters continue to be known and
loved by many. © Nintendo Family Computer is a trademark of Nintendo.
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Gelato Pique

Established in the fall of 2008 by Japanese company, Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd,
with a unique concept of “wearable dessert for adults”.
Gelato Pique delivers cozy loungewear made with soft and delectable fabrics.
The first ever flagship store in the United States opened in New York City in fall 2018.
A global loungewear brand that is popular both in Japan and overseas.
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