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Cherry Motif Diaper Sheet

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【A Diaper Sheet with a Cute Large Cherry Pattern and a Compact Folding Function】


The surface is matte coated and the lining is antibacterial and has deodorant property to reduce weight so that it is lightweight. It is stain free and can be wiped off easily, so it keeps hygiene, resistant to friction, and has excellent durability.


A cute cherry pattern series with bright red coloring. A diaper sheet accented with red striped piping that matches the color of the cherry. It is easy to open and close with Velcro, and it is a large size that can secure a large space. As it can be folded compactly, it is easy to carry.


SIZE: Lenth: 17.7 in, Width: 27.6 in

*Product image is a sample, please note that color and size may differ.