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Bichon Frize Slippers

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Pure Comfort: Bichon Frize Slippers by Gelato Pique USA

Introducing our Bichon Frize Slippers, a delightful addition to our renowned 3 DOG series of room wear. These slippers are designed to elevate your lounging experience with a plush, fluffy feel that's perfect for the upcoming season.

The Bichon Frize, a breed known for its pure white fluffiness, takes center stage in these upgraded slippers. We've meticulously enhanced the length of their fur compared to last year, ensuring you enjoy an even softer and more luxurious feel with every step.

What sets these slippers apart is the attention to detail in capturing the essence of the Bichon Frize. From its endearing facial expression, complete with a protruding tongue, to the overall texture, every element is designed to mirror the beloved breed.

Slip your feet into the round opening, and you'll immediately feel the cozy warmth enveloping you, making them ideal for the approaching season's chill. But that's not all – our collection also includes equally charming toy poodle and Pomeranian options, so you can choose your favorite furry companion.

These slippers aren't just about comfort; they're a style statement too. Coordinate them effortlessly with our matching clothing pieces to create a cohesive and fashionable loungewear ensemble.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Fluffiness: Luxurious fur upgrades for ultimate comfort and warmth.

  2. Adorable Expression: Captures the Bichon Frize's charming tongue-sticking expression.

  3. Cozy Round Opening: Ensures your feet stay warm and snug.

  4. Furry Companions: Also available in toy poodle and Pomeranian options.


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    Corresponding Size: 8.7/9.5 in, Sole Length: 10.7 in, Width: 4.2 in

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