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【Bitter】【MENS】Socks 【Chocolate Scented】

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【Bitter taste embroidered HOMME socks with a hint of cocoa】

Soft, light and fluffy "Baby Moco" material is used. The yarn is scented, so you can enjoy a slight scent of cocoa (the scent component will fade with each washing).

BABY MOCO …is light and fluffy like feathers, MOCO MOCO is a dreamy touch feeling that expresses plump volume and with the purest kind of softness.

The "Bitter" collection, inspired by the theme of bitter chocolate for adults, is now available for men and women to share during the Valentine's Day season. 

Details & Care
  • Material:   POLYESTER99% SPANDEX1%
  • SKU:   PMGS231672
  • Imported

Size & Chart
    Corresponding Size: 9.9/10.7 in, Length: 9.1 in
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