Cotton Candy Striped Sleeveless Romper(PWFO181273)

Item Code: PWFO181273

We are excited to offer these striped pajama series inspired by colorful candy wrappers from overseas.Choose from a pop rainbow color or Gelato Piques ever popular blue stripe color. The frilly design inspired by candy wrappers is all about girliness. Additionally, the piece is tailored with a high waist which makes your leg look longer.

Material:Cotton 100% | Thread: Polyester 100%

One Size:Body Length: 26  / Bust: 28 1/2 / Waist: 26 / Hip: 44 / Rising Length: 10 1/2 / Inseam: 2 1/2 / Thickness: 14 1/4 Hem Width: 14

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.

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