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Cookie Animal Pleated Notebook Case

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【Animal cracker print notebook case with plenty of storage and an adorable look】

Animal cracker print series, with animal crackers, scattered randomly. The color of the freshly-baked crackers that makes you want to take a bite out serves as an accent. The accordion-style that makes it easy to look inside has plenty of storage and is easy to take things in and out of. Important documents like appointment notices and prescriptions can be stored properly, and the two-step fasteners make it possible to adjust their size. A matching mommy bag and diaper pouch are also available.

With vinyl coating on the outside and antibacterial anti-odor processing on the inside, this bag was made to be lightweight for maximum portability. Any mess can be wiped away quickly so it is always clean, and it is strong against friction for durability. Available in two colors that accentuate the color of freshly-baked crackers: off-white and pink.



size vertical beside Machi In the pocket (number)
F 17cm 24 cm 1cm 18 pcs