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Cookie Animal Motif Long Pants

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【Animal crackers all-over print long pants that combines comfort and a cute look】

Animal cracker print series, with animal crackers scattered randomly. A sweet look that represents cute animals such as bears, rabbits, giraffes, lions, dogs and cats as animal crackers. The color of freshly-baked crackers that makes you want to take a bite out of serves as an accent. The close-fit sizing of these long pants has the comfort of leggings. The embroidered logo on the left hip serves as an accent, and the pant legs will not roll up even while asleep for a comfortable wear. Pockets were added on both sides and on the back for added functionality.

Finished with a warm raised ribbed material. Its elasticity promises a comfortable wear. Available in two colors that accentuate the color of freshly-baked crackers: off-white and pink.

SKU: PWCP214214

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size Waist (with elastic) Hips Rise inseam Around Around the knee Hem width
F 66cm 82cm 29.5cm 73cm 49cm 34cm 10cm