【GELATO PIQUE MENS】Border Alan Long Pants

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【Border Alan Long Pants with a nice hem squeezing design that is perfect for the cold season】

The soft, light and soft baby moco material has a water-absorbing and quick-drying function. Special fibers quickly absorb and release sweat, leaving you with a silky and comfortable feel. Available in two colors, beige and chic gray, which will make your family match.
BABY MOCO(Baby MOCO)…is light and fluffy like feathers, born from the desire to “deliver gelato pique clothes to children”. MOCO MOCO with a dreamy touch that expresses plump volume and delicate texture with short hair that is as light as freshly grown.

Long pants that express the warmth unique to "GELATO PIQUE" by combining a three-dimensional Alan knitting with a border. We have prepared a hem design that is nice in the cold season. We have also prepared a ladies and kids line in the same series, so please enjoy it with the whole family.

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Details & Care
  • Material:   100% polyester
  • SKU:   PMNP215912
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Size & Chart
    Waist: 32.3 in, Hip: 43.4 in, High Rise: 14.8 in, Low Rise: 28.4 in, Fork: 13.6 in, Hem Width: 5.8 in,