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【GELATO PIQUE MENS】 Cotton Moco Long Pants

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【Cotton “moco” long pants with a soft comfort that is gentle against the skin and can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages】

100% cotton knit series with a comfortably dry feel against the skin, perfect for the start of fall. Features a basic design that can be worn not only as room wear but also as casual wear. These long pants that can be worn all year has a straight form that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age. The waffle knit adds expression and a slightly casual feel to the otherwise simple design, making this piece a multi-talent that will expand your range of outfits. Pullover and cardigan from the same series are also available, making this ageless set perfect also as a gift.

Finished with a knit made of 100% cotton that is gentle against the skin. Available in three colors: beige, charcoal grey and ivory.

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