【HOMME】DRY MIX Mole Hoodie (PMNT184911)

Item Code: PMNT184911

【Useful and versatile “one mile wear” hoodie】Our cotton-touch zip-up hoodie is perfect for the adult “one mile wear” style.  With its simple design and chic colors, it’s a versatile piece that looks great with a variety of outfits. This piece features our “drymix mole” fabric, which has great UV blocking and moisture wicking abilities.  The fabric contains three kinds of special polyester materials and finished in cotton. Even when indoors it can block UV rays and quickly wick away sweat and moisture from the body, keeping you comfortable at all hours.

Material: Polyester 92% / Nylon 7% / Spandex 1%


M Shoulder Width: 18.11" Sleeve Length: 24"  Width: 20.86" Length: 26.18"

L Shoulder Width: 19.7" Sleeve Length: 24.8" Width: 22.05" Length: 26.38"

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.


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