【GELATO PIQUE MENS】 'Gelato' Point Color Shorts

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【“Gelato” half pants that are essential for style at home in the winter season】

Presenting plain half pants that match the color of the one-point color knits. The muted colors that look great on a wide range of people and the embroidered logo on the butt pocket serve as accents. The simple look with minimal ornamentation can be matched wih anything, so wear it not only as a set with the knit from the same series but also with any shirt to expand your style. Enjoy the famous moco moco material of “GELATO PIQUE“ that is essential for style at home in the winter season. 

GELATO…A surprising softness like a fluffy freshly baked sponge cake. You’ll never be able to part with its softness once you experience it. Its thick but meltingly smooth flavor will bring you joy with a texture that you’ll want to touch forever.

Made of the ever-popular “gelato” material that the brand is known for, with its high-quality fluffiness. Available in two colors: grey and navy.

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L: Waist: 80 in Hip: 108in High: Rise 41 in Low Rise 28.5 in Fork: 35.5 in Hem Width: 27.5 in
Waist: 76 in Hip: 104 in High Rise: 40 in Low Rise: 27 in Fork: 34 in Hem Width: 27 in

*Product image is a sample, please note that color and size may differ.*