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【GELATO PIQUE MENS】 Kapok Plating Long Sleeve

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【Long-sleeved T-shirt with a printed message that stands out on the chest】

Long-sleeved T-shirt made of a sustainable material called “kapok”. Easy to take care of with a tough texture of plated cotton. Wear it not only on its own but also as an inner layer of a parka or a knit, so you can wear it all season. A message stating “A Moment of Bliss” is added to the chest of this oversized shirt. Enjoy relaxing at home with its easy comfort.

Jersey series made of fibers created from the seeds of the “kapok” plant, which grows all over the world. Known for its lightweight yet warm properties, its harvest requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making this a sustainable material with less stress on the environment. Available in two colors: off-white and green.

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*Product image is a sample, please note that color and size may differ.*