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【MENS】Gelato Border Stripes Pullover

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[Two types of border stripes pullover made of gelato material that has a special print on the back]

We used the popular "Gelato" material, which the brand is known for, and has a soft and high-quality fluffy feeling.

GELATO (gelato)… The origin of the name is “gelato pique” (= ice cream dough). Like a fluffy sponge cake, once you taste it, you won't want to leave.

A collection of casual 2-color striped designs using gelato pique-like knitwear. The pullover, which can be worn loosely, is simple at first glance, but has a bold design with a college logo jacquard on the back. You can also coordinate it with matching pants. Available in two colors: elegant gray and calm navy. This item is also recommended as a gift for the holiday season.

Details & Care
  • Material:   POLYESTER97% NYLON3%
  • SKU:   PMNT225940
  • Imported

Size & Chart

size Length bust Sleeve Length shoulder width snow length falling forward hem width
M 26.7in 44.0in 21.6in 20.4in 31.8in 3.7in 22in
L 27.9in 45.6in 22.2in 21in 32.6in 3.9in


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