Hot Smoothie Scallop Long Pants (PWNP175115)

Item Code: PWNP175115

The brand logo embroidered on the waist for a classy look. Elegant long pants in М_М_МЃМ__М_?scallopМ_М_МЃ‰ЫУ? design with frill hem, have been everyoneМ_М_МЃ‰ЫУМцs favorite since spring/summer season. The winter version uses more fabric around the waist and acts as М_М_МЃМ__М_?belly warmer pantsМ_М_МЃ‰ЫУ?, a solution for the cold winter. Hot smoothie fabric, despite its thinness, keeps you super warm with its less-furry, soft texture.

Material: Nylon100%


One Size: Waist: 22" / Hip: 33.8" / Rise: 15.1" / Inseam: 22.4" / Around: 21.2" / Around the Knee: 22.4" / Hem Width: 13.9"

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.

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