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Cool Satin Tank Top

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【Tank top with built-in cups that can quickly be incorporated into your outfit】

Made of a refreshingly cool satin material with warmth-absorbing cool-touch processing that absorbs moisture from the body and releases the heat in order to decrease the temperature under clothing. Available in two stylish colors: light grey and beige.

Mature pajama series with a shiny supple beauty that can only be achieved by satin. Made of cool satin with warmth-absorbing cool-touch processing for a refreshing comfort. The tank top with a refreshing look has built-in cups so you can wear it to finish an outfit, making this a must-have for the summer for your relaxation time. The front has a right amount of V-neck and the back has an exaggerated deep V to show off a sensual back style. We focused on minimal details so that you can spend your summer stylishly. Shorts and long pants are available as bottoms. Choose your favorite length and enjoy them as a set.


SIZE:Full length: 26.8 in, Bust: 36.3 in, Shoulder Length: 11.1 in, Neck Depth: 7.9 in, Hem Width: 23.7 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in,

*Product image is a sample, please note that color and size may differ.*