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Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

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Effortless Comfort: Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

Introducing our Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt—a must-have series featuring the famous "Smoothie" material, perfect for spring and summer. Crafted with a smooth and moist texture, this pullover showcases a casually embroidered brand logo on the cuffs and boasts half sleeves, ideal for the upcoming season. The classic design allows for versatile wear as a standalone or stylish inner layer. Available in two coordinating colors, gray and navy, this knit offers a blissful melting sensation akin to savoring a SMOOTHIE drink. Embrace comfort and style with Gelato Pique's Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt—an essential seasonal knit.

Features & Benefits of Our Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt:

  1. Premium "Smoothie" Material: The Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt is made from high-quality "Smoothie" material, renowned for its exceptional durability and longevity. This sought-after fabric ensures that the sweatshirt retains its shape and softness even after multiple washes, making it a reliable wardrobe staple.
  2. Moist and Smooth Texture: The smoothie material boasts a short pile and a wet and smooth texture, offering a luxurious feel against the skin. This soft and comfortable sensation enhances the overall wearing experience, making it an excellent choice for all-day wear.
  3. Casually Embroidered Brand Logo: The pullover features a casually embroidered brand logo on the cuffs, adding a touch of sophistication to the design. The meticulous embroidery reflects Gelato Pique's commitment to detail and quality craftsmanship.
  4. Versatile Half Sleeves: The half sleeves of the sweatshirt are designed to be perfect for the coming season, providing just the right amount of coverage for warmer weather. This versatile feature allows for easy layering and adaptability to different temperature conditions.
  5. Classic and Timeless Design: The Basic Smoothie Men's Short Sleeve Sweatshirt showcases a classic and timeless design, making it suitable for various occasions and outfits. Whether worn alone for a casual look or as an inner layer for added warmth, this sweatshirt exudes effortless style and versatility.

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Made with smoothie material with a short pile and a moist and smooth texture.


A knit with a short pile and a smooth, melting texture. Like a SMOOTHIE drink, enjoy the blissful melting sensation in your mouth. Since it is thin, it can be used as a seasonal knit.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.

Size & Chart

size Length bust Sleeve Length shoulder width snow length falling forward hem width
M 26.3in 43.3in 10.2in 19.6in 20.0in 3.5in 20.4in
L 27.5in 44.8in 10.6in 20.2in 20.8in 93.7in 21.2in

Details & Care

  • Material:   NYLON100%
  • SKU:   PMNT231944
  • Imported

Care instructions:

  • Washing: Turn the pullover inside out before washing to protect the logo and fabric. Use a gentle cycle with cold water on your washing machine. It's best to use a mild detergent free from bleach or other harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric.
  • Drying: Avoid using a tumble dryer, as the high heat can cause the fabric to shrink and may damage the logo. Instead, reshape the pullover while still damp and lay it flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause the colors to fade.
  • Ironing: If needed, iron the pullover in a low-heat setting. Do not iron directly on the logo, as it could cause damage.

Handling and storage:

  • Wearing: Be mindful when wearing the pullover around sharp objects or rough surfaces that could snag or tear the fabric. Avoid excessive pulling or stretching of the material to maintain its shape and fit.
  • Storing: Store the pullover in a cool, dry place when not in use. It's best to hang it up to prevent wrinkles and creases, especially on the logo. Avoid storing it in cramped spaces where it could be squashed or misshapen.
  • Cleaning Stains: In case of stains, gently blot the affected area with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not rub or scrub; it could damage the fabric and fade the color.