[MENS] Temperature Control Smooth Border Socks

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[Smooth temperature control HOMME border socks that keep your feet dry]

Uses yarn with a temperature control function that releases excess heat when it's hot and absorbs and retains heat when it's cold. You can enjoy it comfortably all year round with a smooth texture based on silky touch "Smoothie" material and a function that responds to temperature changes.

Temperature control SMOOTHIE: Thread with a temperature control function is used in the “Smoothie” material, which is characterized by a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. The functional material adjusts the warmth according to the temperature, so you can stay comfortable even in hot weather.

An adult border series that uses "temperature control smoothie" that can be worn comfortably even during the change of seasons where the temperature changes greatly. Rib-knit socks with piss names are a basic item that is recommended as a gift. With a simple design that doesn't add unnecessary details, it gently snuggles up to your rest time when you want to spend it slowly. The color is one color development of ivory. It can be paired with a cardigan or long pants of the same pattern, and is also available in LADIES sizes.

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  • Material:   NYLON82% POLYESTER9% RAYON8% SPANDEX1%
  • SKU:   PMGS231598
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    Corresponding Size: 9.9 in-10.7in, 0: 18.6 in