Motif Embroidery Stripe Shirt (PWFT184359)

Item Code: PWFT184359

【Celebrate our 10th anniversary with this striped motif series!】To celebrate our brand’s 10th anniversary, we are excited to offer our triple striped motif series that is very Gelato Pique.  Featuring a striped design with a motif embroidery on on the breast pocket, this piece offers a bittersweet cuteness that would also look great on adults. Constructed in soft satin, the off-white color features a parfait motif, pink with a candle motif, and navy with a cake motif.

Material: Polyester 100%

One Size: Full length: 24.8" Shoulder width: 32.8" Shoulder and arm length: 23.2" Sleeve hem length: 15.7" Bust: 39.3"

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.

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