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【PEANUTS】Monogram JQD Pullover

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【Lovely Monogram Pullover with Snoopy and Ice Cream】


Recycled yarn is used as part of the material, and it is finished with an environmentally friendly Airy Moco material. It is soft and light.

AIRY MOCO… is soft and fluffy, and you can enjoy the feel of a sponge cake that is softly baked by mixing air. The light comfort and dry touch of the air bring a natural and comforting time to your home.


This is a full print pattern series featuring a print that seems to have escaped from the comic art of PEANUTS. A pullover with a lovely design of Snoopy with ice cream, which is the theme of this collaboration. The loose silhouette with drop shoulders and the light material like a towel make it perfect for summer. With the aim of being eco-friendly, we also focused on environmentally friendly materials in this collaboration. It is a HAPPY product that is kind to both the wearer and the environment.

The theme for 2021 Summer collaboration is the “Ice Cream Shop”.
Peanut's original arts are fused with Gelato Pique’s signature pieces. Please enjoy Gelato Pique’s original delectable ice cream pieces with Snoopy this summer.

In this collection, most of the apparel and accessories items are made out of environmentally friendly materials. GELATO PIQUE and SNOOPY initiate change for the planet.

SKU: PWNT212035
SIZE: Full length: 26.4 in, Bust: 46.5 in, Sleeve Length: 7.9 in, Shoulder Length: 21.3 in, Hem Width: 21.3 in,

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