HOMME Yacht Pattern Henry Neck Pullover (PMCT182936)

Item Code: PMCT182936

This piece is crafted with a knit fabric that falls between a t-shirt and a sweater, and features a printed pattern of yachts for a resort look. If you look closely, the yacht sail has a star pattern, evoking a playful appearance. The inner lining uses a stretchy, slightly thick material. Its fabric has a solid construction, allowing it to be worn as part of your one mile wear.

Cotton 95%, Spandex 5%

Medium:Length: 26.8in / Sleeve Length: 16in / Cuff: 7.5in / Bust: 41.7in

Large:Length: 28in / Sleeve Length: 16.9in / Cuff: 7.9in / Bust:43.3in

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.

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