HOMME Smoothie Random Stripe Half Pants (PMNP182907)

Item Code: PMNP182907

These random striped shorts have a color palette fit for surfing or at a beachside cafe. Choose from either chic navy or a fresh off-white color.With its soft, smooth texture and thin fabric, this smoothie fabric piece compliments outfits for all seasons Please note that the fabric material have changed from nylon to polyester.

Material:Polyester 90%, Nylon 9%, Spandex 1%

Medium:Waist: 31.5" / Hip: 36.2" / Rise: 32" / Inseam: 9.8" / Thigh: 22" / Hem width: 9"
Large:Waist: 32.3" / Hip: 37.8" / Rise: 12.6" / Inseam: 4.3" / Thigh: 23.6" / Hem width: 9.6"

*There may be changes in the actual color, size, and design from the sample image shown.

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