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Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband For Women

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Heartfelt Elegance: Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband for Women

Introducing the Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband for Women! From the "Sweet" collection, this hairband is perfect for celebrating the Valentine's Day season. The Aran knit design showcases delicate heart patterns and a fluffy ribbon-shaped detail. The luxurious touch comes from the eye-catching gold charm featuring the brand logo.

Choose from three romantic colors: light pink, red, and pink. Each hairband in this collection comes with a customized brand tag, which creates a heart shape when two bands are stacked together. Embrace romance and elegance with Gelato Pique USA's Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband.

Key Features of Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband For Women:

1. Sweet Heart Collection: The Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband belongs to the enchanting "Sweet" collection, designed to add sweetness and romance to the Valentine's Day season. The collection features charming hearts and lovely pink hues, perfect for celebrating love and affection.

2. Delicate Aran Knit Design: The hairband showcases a delicate Aran knit design adorned with intricate heart patterns. This intricate detailing adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the hairband, making it a standout accessory that beautifully complements your hairstyle.

3. Fluffy Ribbon-Shaped Detail: Adding a playful and feminine touch, the hairband features a fluffy ribbon-shaped detail. This delightful design element enhances the overall charm of the hairband and adds an extra level of cuteness to your look. It's the perfect accessory to accentuate your Valentine's Day style.

4. Luxurious Gold Charm: The hairband is adorned with an eye-catching gold charm featuring the brand logo. This luxurious detail adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall design of the hairband. The gold charm stands out beautifully against the delicate heart patterns and adds a hint of glamour to your hairstyle.

5. Romantic Color Options: Choose from three romantic colors: light pink, red, and pink. Each color option captures the essence of love and passion, allowing you to select the one that best matches your style and Valentine's Day outfit. Whether you prefer a soft and romantic look or a bold and vibrant statement, there's a color option for every preference.


Sweet Heart Aran Ruffle Hairband For Women perfect partner with bags, shoes, socks, eyemasks, and clothing


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Size Circumference Height
F. 14.6 in 3.2 in

Details & Care

  • Material: POLYESTER92% NYLON7% SPANDEX1%
  • SKU: PWGA231524
  • Imported


  • Spot Cleaning: If there are only minor stains or spills on the hairband, gently spot-clean the affected area using a mild detergent or gentle soap; dampen a soft cloth or sponge with the cleaning solution and lightly dab the stained area without rubbing vigorously.
  • Hand Washing Method: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water; add a small amount of mild detergent or gentle soap to create a soapy solution; immerse the hairband in the water and gently agitate it with your hands, ensuring all areas are submerged.
  • Cleaning the Hairband: Gently rub the hairband between your hands or use a soft brush to remove dirt and stains; pay extra attention to any heavily soiled areas, mainly the borders and the ribbon design; avoid excessive scrubbing, as it may damage the delicate materials or the embroidered logo.
  • Rinse: Rinse the hairband thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue; ensure all the soap has been washed away, as leftover residue may affect the texture or color of the hairband.
  • Drying Process: Gently squeeze out excess water from the hairband, careful not to wring or twist it forcefully; lay the hairband flat on a clean, dry towel and gently press to remove additional moisture. Allow the hairband to air dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources that may cause the colors to fade or the materials to shrink.
  • Storage: Store the hairband in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid folding or crushing the hairband during storage to preserve its shape and prevent deformation.


  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from sharp objects that may damage the fabric.