【UNISEX】Hot Smoothie Border Pullover

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【Hot smoothie pullover, a popular material for fall and winter, in a unisex design】

The short furry smoothie has a melt-in-your-mouth feel, and has a function to retain body heat. It is available in two neutral colors, camel and charcoal gray, which can be enjoyed by all genders.
SMOOTHIE: The smooth softness that touches the skin and the silky touch that melts is like "smoothie" that melts and flows the moment you put it in your mouth. Enjoy the exquisite texture that seems to permeate every inch of your body.

GELATO PIQUE's popular autumn and winter material, Hot Smoothie, is now available in unisex sizes for the first time. The random pitch border gives it a slightly casual look. The relaxed silhouette of this pullover makes it perfect for relaxing in your room with stress-free comfort. Enjoy it as a set-up with the matching long pants.


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  • Material:  100% nylon
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    0: 26.4 in, 0: 32.3 in, 0: 4.4 in, Bust: 44.1 in