Souffle Whipped Heart Dress (PWNO181076)

Item Code: PWNO181076

[Our most popular Valentines Day limited edition item] This parka mixes airy souffle  fabric with fluffy feather threads. Inspired by whipped cream, we packed a bunch of pom pom hearts to create the sweetest, cutest piece ever to be offered for Valentines Day. In the spirit of Valentines Day, this romantically sweet one-piece is designed with a slightly shorter length than normal. Limited only during the Valentines season, this is a great seasonal gift to give.



One size:Body Length Back:33 1/2"/Sleeve Length:32 1/4"/Cuff Width:2 3/4"/Bust:39 1/4"/Waist:37"/Hip:36 1/4"


* Product image is a sample, slight variations in color and size may occur.

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