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Transform yourself into a spooky Ghost, Pumpkin, or an adorable Witch! 

Join GELATO PIQUE HALLOWEEN PARTY 2022 with 3 traditional Halloween styles; a Ghost, Pumpkin and Witch! Get extra comfort in oversized baby ‘moco’ knit series, or be styled with a ‘smoothie’ PIQUE Witch outfit set.Our seasonal accessories are must-have along these items, too! 

Get dressed as a sweetened Witch with magic of Gelato Pique!Exclusive accessories are also available in a variety of materials.   


‘WITCH’ Shoes

‘WITCH’ Pouch

‘WITCH’ Band

Enjoy the contrast and Halloween-themed silhouetteof monotone ghost and vivid pumpkin outfits. 

Looking for fun character costumes for this year?
We have you covered!

Discover our selected items from Panda & SUPER MARIO Yoshi collection, and stay cozy with these comfortable set-up items throughout this Halloween season.

Get dressed in charming panda costumes & stay cozy in / out a party! Panda-themed accessories are available for you to complete your black & white style.

Panda Jacquard Dress

Panda Plush

Panda Print Dress

Bring colorful pastel hues on yourself with Yoshi costumes. The boo cushion and blanket are also perfect additions to your Halloween outfit! 

【SUPER MARIO】Character Cushion

Yoshi Jacquard Pullover & Shorts Set

【SUPER MARIO】Character Blanket