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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Xiao Xiao & Lei Lei 

First Birthday Special Collaboration 

In June 2021, twin pandas named Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei were born to a giant panda, Xin Xin, at the Ueno Zoological Park. The twin pandas and Gelato Pique are celebrating their first birthday with a special collection!

To commemorate their first birthday, we have prepared loungewear and goods featuring designs of the two pandas. The loungewear is made of Gelato Pique's ultra popular “Smoothie” knit fabric- perfect for spring and summer. It is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth smoothness, and you won’t be able to resist touching it.

We hope you experience the same charm you feel when watching a panda at play.


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※ Pre-orders will begin on Friday, June 3rd at 5PM (EST), and shipment will start in the end of June.
※ Regular orders for the collection will begin on June 17, 2022. We will ship out regular orders once all pre-orders have been fulfilled.
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