【EAMES】【MENS】 Air Moco Logo Pullover

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【The Air Moco HOMME pullover with a distinct EAMES style pattern to add some flair to your wardrobe.

The "Air Moco" is a knit made with recycled polyester thread from PET bottles. It is attractive because it is light and comfortable to wear, as if you were wearing air, and has a dry, fluffy touch.

AIRY MOCO...It has a soft, airy feel and a lightweight sensation as though you're wearing air You may appreciate how like a baked sponge feels. It is the lightest of all Moco Moco knits. Recommended for those who want to stay fresh regardless of the season.

A collaboration with EAMES, a brand that embodies the mid-century, will also be present this spring. A light knit series made of "Airmoco" material, which has a checkered pattern inspired by the graphic design of the masterpiece toy "House of Cards" and colors signature of "EAMES". 

This pullover features a large jacquard logo, but it isn't too flashy and is simple to incorporate into multiple outfits. It has a luxuriously textured knit and the ribbing of the plaid part along with the changing knitting pattern add to its appeal.

The color is one mixed color, and the LADIES size is also available. Please enjoy it with matching long pants.

Details & Care

  • Material:   POLYESTER100%
  • SKU:   PMNT231958
  • Imported

Size & Chart
size Length bust Sleeve Length shoulder width falling forward hem width
M 26.7in 47.2in 22.0in 21.2in 3.5in 19.6in
L 279in 48.8in 22.6in 21.8in 3.7in 20.4in


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