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Fruit Motif Pleated Notebook Case M

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【Fruit Motif Notebook Case with a lot of storage 】


A lovely designed notebook case with lots of fruits that are in season in autumn. The soft matte coating gives a soft impression. The pleated case type, whose contents are easy to see, is attractive for its ease of putting in and out and its capacity. You can store necessary items such as tickets and notebooks easily, and you can adjust the capacity with its two-step snap button. We also have a mom bag and a diaper pouch.

The surface is matte coated and the lining is antibacterial and deodorant to reduce weight so that it is easy to hold. It has high stain resistance and can be wiped off quickly, so it is always clean, and has excellent durability. Available in two colors, pink and blue.



*Product image is a sample, please note that color and size may differ.*

size vertical beside Machi In the pocket (number)
F 17cm 24 cm 1cm 18 pcs