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MENS Cozy Smoothie Slip On Bedroom Shoes

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Men's Cozy Smoothie Slip-on Bedroom Shoes: Warmth Meets Modern Comfort

Step into the world of unparalleled warmth and comfort with the Men's Smoothie Slip-on Bedroom Shoes by Gelato Pique. These bedroom shoes redefine cozy footwear with their innovative use of 'Hot Smoothie' fabric, a material meticulously crafted to maximize smoothness while providing exceptional heat retention. The fine and soft fibers are intricately woven to create a thermal layer, cleverly trapping warm air close to your feet. This ingenious design ensures that minimal heat escapes, so your feet remain snug and toasty even on the coldest of floors.

Beyond their functional warmth, these slip-ons are a haven of comfort. Their plush texture offers a fluffy and indulgent feel, akin to walking on clouds. The sensation is so soothing, it's like a gentle, warm embrace for your feet, perfect for those long evenings spent unwinding at home.

The slip-on design of these bedroom shoes is a testament to convenience. They're crafted for those moments when ease is paramount—simply slide your feet in and bask in the immediate warmth and comfort. This effortless wearability makes them an essential part of your daily routine, standing by to provide solace after a hard day's work.

These aren't just slippers; they're a stylish accessory for the modern man. With a design that's both simple and elegant, they complement any loungewear ensemble, making them a desirable addition to your casual wardrobe. Whether you're stepping out of bed on a chilly morning or relaxing on a lazy weekend, the Men's Hot Smoothie Slip-on Bedroom Shoes offer the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and modern design.

For the discerning gentleman who values the luxury of warmth and the simplicity of style, these bedroom shoes are a must-have. They are not just a means to keep your feet warm; they're a statement of refined taste and a commitment to personal comfort.

Key Features: 

  • Hot Smoothie Fabric: Delivers smoothness and heat retention.
  • Warm Air Insulation: Keeps feet snug by trapping body heat.
  • Soft Fibers: Offers a fluffy, melt-in-your-feet texture.
  • Slip-on Design: Ensures ease of wear for comfort and convenience.
  • Stylish Comfort: Ideal blend of functionality and modern design.


We use HOT FABRIC'Hot Smoothie' material, which has both moist and melting smoothness and heat retention. The thin, soft fibers contain plenty of warm air, making it difficult for heat to escape, and you can enjoy a fluffy and enveloping texture.

A knit made from 'Smoothie' material, which has a melt-in-your-mouth smooth texture, with added heat retention. A material for autumn and winter that retains body heat and is suitable for cold weather. You can use the thin and smooth smoothie even in the cold winter weather.


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Size & Chart

size Size correspondence (approximate) sole length Width compatible
F 10 in 11 in  0.3 mm
*Product image is a sample; please note that color and size may differ.*

    Details & Care

    • Material:   MAIN MATERIAL NYLON100%
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