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PEANUTS Jacquard Loungewear Shorts for Men

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 Whimsical Comfort: PEANUTS Jacquard Loungewear Shorts for Men - Embrace Playful Style and Superior Quality Craftsmanship for Unmatched Relaxation"

Introducing our PEANUTS Jacquard Loungewear Shorts for Men! This sought-after collaboration brings beloved PEANUTS characters to life, inspired by gelato's calm and sweet vibes. The collection showcases a delightful and playful mint, border, and navy design. Crafted with care, these shorts feature a soft, lightweight knit fabric that offers a gentle and comfortable touch. The light and fluffy knit ensures a cozy, relaxed feel, perfect for unwinding and lounging. Indulge in the playful charm of PEANUTS with these Jacquard Loungewear Shorts. Embrace comfort and aesthetics, elevating your loungewear game with Gelato Pique's high-quality craftsmanship. Experience the perfect blend of coziness and creativity in this unique collection. Shop now and make your relaxation moments extraordinary!

Features & Benefits of Our PEANUTS Jacquard Loungewear Shorts for Men: 

1. PEANUTS Collaboration: Our PEANUTS Jacquard Loungewear Shorts for Men are a famous collaboration between Gelato Pique and the beloved PEANUTS characters. This collaboration ensures a unique and delightful design that combines PEANUTS's charm with loungewear's comfort. The attention to detail and authenticity of the PEANUTS brand guarantee a high-quality product.

2. Cool and Sweet Gelato Theme: These lounge shorts are inspired by the theme of calm and sweet gelato, adding a playful and refreshing touch to your loungewear collection. The design showcases vibrant colors and whimsical patterns reminiscent of delicious gelato, creating a fun aesthetic.

3. Soft and Lightweight Knit Fabric: Crafted with comfort in mind, these Jacquard loungewear shorts are made from a soft and lightweight knit fabric. This fabric provides a gentle and comfortable touch against the skin, ensuring a cozy and relaxed feel. The high-quality knit fabric guarantees durability, making these shorts long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

4. Versatile for Lounging: The design and construction of these shorts make them perfect for lounging. The relaxed fit and soft knit fabric offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to unwind and relax in style. Whether reading a book, watching a movie, or enjoying downtime, these shorts provide the perfect loungewear experience.

5. Quality Craftsmanship: At Gelato Pique, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship in all our products. These Jacquard loungewear shorts are meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality and durability. From the selection of materials to the intricate jacquard knit patterns, every detail is carefully considered to provide a long-lasting and high-quality loungewear item. 


Our PEANUTS Gelato Patterned Mens Loungewear Shorts are perfectly partnered with hoodiescardigansrobessweaters, and shirts.


The light and fluffy knit is used.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Waist: 31.5 in, Hip: 42.6 in, High Rise: 12.7 in, Low Rise: 9.3 in, Hem Width: 12.1 in

Details & Care

  • SKU:   PMNP232964
  • Imported

Care Instructions:

  • Washing: Machine wash your shorts on a gentle cycle with cold water. Use a mild detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the "Smoothie Light" fabric over time.
  • Drying: Tumble dry the shorts on a low heat setting after washing. Alternatively, you can hang them to dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause the colors to fade.
  • Ironing: If necessary, iron the shorts in a low heat setting. However, the "Smoothie Light" fabric is designed to minimize wrinkles, so ironing may not be necessary.
  • General Care: Check the shorts regularly for wear and tear. If you notice any loose threads, carefully cut them off with scissors. Do not pull them, as this can cause further damage.

 Handling & Storage:

  • Drying and Storing: After washing and drying, fold the shorts neatly to prevent wrinkles. The "Smoothie Light" fabric is designed to resist wrinkling, but proper folding can help maintain the shorts' smooth appearance.
  • Location: Store your shorts in a cool, dry place. Avoid damp or humid areas to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Organization: Dedicate a specific drawer or section of your wardrobe for loungewear. This helps to prevent the shorts from being squashed or stretched out of shape.
  • Wearing: When wearing the shorts, be mindful of sharp objects or rough surfaces that could snag or tear the fabric. The "Smoothie Light" material is durable, but avoiding unnecessary damage is always best.