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SAKURA Frilled Pouch with Handle

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Ethereal Charm: The SAKURA Frilled Pouch Handle

The SAKURA Frilled Pouch Handle exudes a dreamy aesthetic, taking inspiration from the delicate blossoms of the sakura. GELATO PIQUE USA has crafted this pouch with a tender embrace, utilizing a soft, textured fabric in a pristine ivory hue, reminiscent of the pure and fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. The pouch's voluminous frills create an aura of gentle femininity and grace.

Opening the pouch reveals a warm yellow lining, providing a subtle yet cheerful contrast to the exterior. This enchanting pouch is secured by a graceful gold-toned zipper, adding an element of refined luxury. Whether used as a cosmetic bag, a small carryall, or a sophisticated accessory, this frilled pouch is a versatile piece that combines practicality with the whimsy of spring.

Key Highlights:

  • Delicate frilled design inspired by sakura petals.
  • Soft ivory textured fabric evokes natural serenity.
  • Contrast yellow interior adds an unexpected pop of color.
  • Gold-toned zipper for secure closure and an upscale touch.
  • Versatile use, from cosmetics to daily essentials.


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Size and Chart

size vertical beside Gusset Handle length
F 5.6 in 9.5 in 2 in 12.3 in

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  • SKU: PWGB241675
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