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SAKURA Tissue Case Cover

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Whispers of Spring: The SAKURA Gathered Tissue Case Cover

The SAKURA Gathered Tissue Case Cover from GELATO PIQUE USA is a delightful homage to the gentle elegance of cherry blossom season. This case cover, with its plush gathered fabric, offers a touch of soft luxury to everyday essentials. The creamy outer fabric is reminiscent of sakura petals, bringing a serene aesthetic to your space. When opened, it reveals a smooth pink satin lining, echoing the inner beauty of a cherry blossom.

The case is designed to envelope a standard tissue box, transforming it into a decorative element that complements any interior. Its gathered design not only adds texture and visual interest but also ensures a snug fit around the box. The GELATO PIQUE logo is discreetly placed, signifying quality without overwhelming the item's delicate charm.

Key Highlights:

  • Plush gathered design in a sakura petal cream color.
  • Luxurious pink satin lining for a charming contrast.
  • Fits standard tissue boxes, turning them into decor pieces.
  • Soft fabric for a gentle touch with each use.
  • Subtle GELATO PIQUE branding for a mark of quality.


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Size and Chart

size vertical beside depth
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Details and Care 

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