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SAKURA Tissue Pouch

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Blossoming Convenience: The SAKURA Tissue Pouch

Infused with the delicate touch of spring, the SAKURA Tissue Pouch from GELATO PIQUE USA is an ode to subtle beauty and functionality. This charming pouch is adorned with a dainty sakura (cherry blossom) pattern, adding a whisper of elegance to its soft pink, ribbed fabric. The tissue pouch is perfectly sized to house your tissues or small essentials, and it is secured with a graceful gold-toned zipper, ensuring your belongings are safe and sound.

The interior, revealed upon unzipping, is a delightful pink satin that provides a smooth and protective lining. This combination of outer beauty and inner luxury makes the tissue pouch a must-have accessory for the season. It's not only a practical addition to your daily life but also a lovely expression of style. The GELATO PIQUE logo, subtly placed on the front, is embroidered in a shade that complements the sakura print, signaling quality and brand trust.

Key Highlights:

  • Exquisite sakura print on soft, pink ribbed fabric.
  • Compact and practical for storing tissues or small items.
  • Elegant gold-toned zipper for secure closure.
  • Satin-lined interior for a luxurious feel.
  • Embroidered GELATO PIQUE logo for a touch of brand elegance.


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Size and Chart

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Details and Care 

  • SKU: PWGB241674
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