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Schnauzer Plush Tissue Case

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Snuggly Schnauzer: Plush Tissue Case

Transform the mundane act of reaching for a tissue into a moment of delight with the Schnauzer Plush Tissue Case from Gelato Pique USA. This charming tissue case takes the shape of an adorable Schnauzer dog, complete with fluffy grey fur and sweet, expressive details. It's designed not only to serve as a practical household item but also to add a touch of warmth and whimsy to any room.

The case is made from a soft, plush material that feels comforting to the touch, inviting you to pet it as though it were a real little pup. Its back features a discreet opening where you can insert a standard-sized tissue box, while the tissues are easily accessible through the Schnauzer's tail, adding an element of playful surprise.

This plush tissue case is perfect for those who love to infuse their living space with fun and functional design elements. It's a wonderful gift for dog lovers, or anyone who appreciates a cozy, homey touch in their decor.

Key Features: 

  • Adorable Schnauzer design with fluffy grey fur
  • Soft, plush material for a comforting feel
  • Discreet opening for inserting a tissue box
  • Tissues pull through the tail for a playful touch
  • A delightful blend of practicality and charm


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Size & Chart

    Height: 14.6 in, Width: 13 in, Depth: 12.6 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in, 0: 0 in,

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