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[SESAME STREET] Elmo Plush Toy

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Joyful Journeys - [SESAME STREET] Elmo Plush Toy

The "[SESAME STREET] Elmo Plush Toy" is a burst of cheer in cuddly form, ready to spread smiles and laughter to fans big and small. This plush toy is a faithful recreation of the beloved Elmo character, complete with his bright red fur and infectious grin. Made with a soft, huggable material, it's designed to be a comforting companion for anyone in need of a warm embrace or a joyful playtime friend.

Every aspect of Elmo, from his wide eyes to his orange nose, is captured with delightful accuracy, ensuring that this plush toy will be instantly recognizable to any [SESAME STREET] enthusiast. The toy is adorned with a special tag commemorating the collaboration between [SESAME STREET] and Gelato Pique, marking it as a collectible item.

This Elmo plush toy isn't just a toy; it's a keepsake that carries the spirit of [SESAME STREET]'s educational and fun-filled world into your home.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant red fur that's soft to the touch and perfect for cuddles.
  • Authentic Elmo design that captures the character's charm.
  • Ideal size for hugging and easy transport on adventures.
  • Special collaboration tag for collectors and fans.
  • Durable construction that can withstand countless playtimes.


Gelato" is the face of the brand and is popular for its fluffy and soft texture.


Gelato' is a standard knit material that is synonymous with Gelato Pique. GELATO PIQUE (= ice cream fabric) is the origin of the name.


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Size and Chart

    Full length: 14.2 in

Details and Care 

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