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Sesame Street Style: Adorable Fuzzy Headband Collection

Get ready to add a dash of Sesame Street charm to your look with these adorable Fuzzy Headbands. This unisex collection is not only a cozy accessory for keeping your hair in place but also a playful nod to some of the show’s most beloved characters. Each headband is designed with elements that represent a different Sesame Street friend, complete with their distinctive features. From Elmo’s wide-eyed wonder to Cookie Monster's googly eyes, and even the more subtle nod with Oscar's unibrow, these headbands are sure to bring joy and a smile to any fan. They're made from a soft, fuzzy material that’s gentle on the skin and hair, and the stretchy band ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes. Whether you're using it to keep your hair back during your skincare routine, as a fun accessory for a casual day out, or to add a bit of whimsy to your outfit, these headbands are versatile and utterly delightful.

Key Highlights

  • Soft, fuzzy fabric for a comfortable, snug fit.
  • Playful designs inspired by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, and more.
  • Stretchy band to accommodate different head sizes.
  • Perfect for daily wear or as part of a costume.
  • A fun way to show off your love for Sesame Street.


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Size and Chart

    Head Circumference: 19.1 in, Width: 3.8 in

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