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Smoothie Lite 3 Stripe Lounge Shorts

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Sherbet Dream: Smoothie Lite 3 Stripe Lounge Shorts for Women

Introducing Smoothie Lite 3 Stripe Lounge Shorts for Women - the epitome of comfort and style. Crafted from ultra-thin and lightweight "smoothie light" fabric, these shorts are designed to provide a luxurious and breezy feel. The beautiful gradation of colors, reminiscent of refreshing sherbet flavors, adds a playful touch to your loungewear collection. With their thin and breathable material, these shorts ensure optimal comfort even in the summer heat. The relaxed fit offers unrestricted movement and relaxation without any tightness. Adding a touch of sophistication, the brand logo is elegantly embroidered on the hip pockets.

Available in three fresh colors - pink, lavender, and green - these shorts allow you to express your individuality.

Features & Benefits of Our Smoothie Lite 3 Stripe Lounge Shorts For Women:

1. Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Fabric: Our Smoothie Lite 3 Stripe Lounge Shorts for Women are crafted from ultra-thin and lightweight "smoothie light" fabric. This fabric offers exceptional comfort and breathability, making it perfect for loungewear during the summer season. It allows optimal airflow and keeps you cool and fresh even on the hottest days.

2. Stylish Gradation of Colors: These shorts feature a beautiful gradation of colors resembling sherbet, adding vibrancy and summer flair to your loungewear collection. The smooth transition of blooms creates a visually appealing, trendy look.

3. Relaxed Fit with No Tightness: These shorts are designed with a relaxed fit and offer a comfortable and unrestricted feel. No tightness or discomfort allows you to move freely and relax easily. Whether lounging at home or engaging in light activities, these shorts provide optimal comfort throughout the day.

4. Embroidered Brand Logo: The logo is elegantly embroidered as a single point on the hip pockets, adding a subtle yet sophisticated detail to the shorts. This embroidered logo showcases the garment's attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, enhancing its overall appeal.

5. Versatile Coordination Options: These lounge shorts can be paired with various items from the same series, including the matching pullover, parka, cardigan, socks, and other sundries. This versatility allows you to create complete and coordinated loungewear sets, adding style and flair to your at-home outfits. Mix and match the pieces to suit your style and create a cohesive look that reflects your unique taste.

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The smooth "SMOOTHIE" feeling that glides over the skin is maintained, and a new ultra-thin and lightweight material, "SMOOTHIE LITE," is used for comfortable wear even during the sweaty season.


Smoothie developed as a lightweight material while maintaining its superb smoothness. It's super thinness and short hair characterizes it, but you can enjoy its melt-in-your-mouth feel. Recommended for those who want to stay fresh even in the hot season.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Waist: 26.8 in, Hip: 41.8 in, High Rise: 11.9 in, Low Rise: 3.6 in, Fork: 12.3 in, Hem Width: 12.1 in

Details & Care

  • Material:   NYLON100%
  • SKU:   PWNP232015
  • Imported


Dry Cleaning is highly recommended
Reshape and lay the garment flat out to dry in the shade. DO NOT HANG.
Machine wash cold with similar colors.
Do not bleach.


Store in a cool and dry place.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep away from sharp objects that may damage the fabric.