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Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt

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Sporty Chic: Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt - Retro-Inspired Comfort and Style!

Introducing our Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt - a fusion of retro tennis wear design with a modern style. Crafted from the ultra-thin and light "Smoothie Lite" material, this shirt ensures comfort even during sweaty moments, maintaining its smooth feel against your skin. The sleeves feature stylish lines, and the brand logo adorns the collar, adding subtle sophistication. The back showcases a unique gelato pattern jacquard resembling a tennis ball and racket blend, creating a captivating tennis-court-like design. This shirt perfectly complements the matching shorts for a coordinated ensemble and is available in off-white and navy. Embrace the perfect balance of comfort and style with our Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt, elevating your loungewear to a new level of fashion-forward relaxation.

Key Features of Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt:

1. "Smoothie Lite" Material: Our Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt is crafted from the ultra-thin and lightweight "Smoothie Lite" material. This advanced fabric provides a smooth and comfortable feel against the skin and ensures durability and long-lasting wear, making it a reliable loungewear option.

2. Retro Tennis Wear Design: Inspired by retro tennis wear, this shirt incorporates stylish elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia and sporty charm. The sleeve lines and brand logo on the collar add subtle sophistication, showcasing our commitment to delivering fashionable loungewear.

3. Tennis-Court-Like Jacquard: The back of the shirt features a captivating gelato pattern jacquard, resembling a combination of a tennis ball and racket. This unique design adds a playful and modern twist to the traditional tennis-inspired look, making it a standout piece in your loungewear collection.

4. Versatile Color Choices: Available in two classic colors - off-white and navy - our Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt offers versatile styling options. Choose the shade that complements your style, or collect both for a diverse loungewear wardrobe that suits various occasions.

5. Comfortable Even During Sweating: The "Smoothie Lite" material guarantees optimal comfort even during sweaty moments. Whether you're lounging at home or engaging in light activities, the shirt's ability to maintain a smooth and comfortable feel against your skin ensures a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day.


The Smoothie Lite Tennis Logo Lounge Shirt is perfectly paired with shorts, pants, shoes, socks, and eyemask


It uses the ultra-thin and light new "Smoothie Lite" material that is comfortable to wear even when you sweat while maintaining the smooth feel of "Smoothie" that glides on the skin.

SMOOTHIE LITE … Smoothie developed to be lightweight while maintaining the finest smoothness. It is characterized by ultra-thin and short hair, but you can enjoy the blissful texture that melts in your skin. Recommended for those who want to stay refreshed even in the hot season.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.

Size & Chart

size Length bust Sleeve Length shoulder width snow length falling forward hem width
M. 27in 44in 9in 20in 19in 3in 22in
L. 28in 46in 9in 21in 20in 3in 23in

Details & Care

  • Material:   NYLON55% RAYON45%
  • SKU:   PHNT232926
  • Imported


Dry Cleaning is highly recommended
Reshape and lay the garment flat out to dry in the shade. DO NOT HANG.
Machine wash cold with similar colors.
Do not bleach.


Store in a cool and dry place.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep away from sharp objects that may damage the fabric.