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Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts

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Sporty Comfort and Style: Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts for Men - Embrace Retro-inspired Design with Quality and Durability for Active and Leisurewear

Introducing our Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts for Men, crafted from the thin and lightweight "Smoothie Lite" material inspired by retro tennis wear. These shorts feature a sporty line detail at the hem, adding a touch of athleticism to the design. The brand logo is thoughtfully placed to create a standout visual impact. These shorts offer style and comfort with a relaxed silhouette and excellent breathability. The thin, breathable fabric ensures a relaxed and comfortable feel, making them perfect for lounging or engaging in light physical activities. Embrace the fusion of retro aesthetics and contemporary design with our Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts for Men. Whether on the court or enjoying leisure time, these shorts are stylish and relaxed. Experience the perfect blend of fashion and functionality today. Available in two colors, green and navy. Please enjoy it with the matching shirt and pullover.

Features & Benefits of Our Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts:

1. Smoothie Lite Material: Our Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts for Men are crafted from premium-quality Smoothie Lite fabric, known for its thin and lightweight composition. This fabric ensures excellent breathability and a relaxed feel, making these shorts perfect for activewear and lounging. The high-quality material guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

2. Retro Tennis-inspired Design: These shorts draw inspiration from retro tennis wear, incorporating design elements that evoke a sporty and nostalgic vibe. Adding a sporty line detail at the hem enhances the athletic appeal of the shorts, adding a touch of style and uniqueness to your outfit.

3. Standout Brand Logo: The logo is strategically placed on these shorts to create a visual impact. With careful design considerations, the logo stands out and gives the shorts a sense of identity. It showcases the quality and attention to detail associated with our brand.

4. Relaxed Silhouette: These lounge shorts offer a relaxed silhouette, providing a comfortable fit without sacrificing style. The loose and casual design allows unrestricted movement and ease of wear, making them suitable for various activities and ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

5. Quality Craftsmanship: We take pride in the quality craftsmanship of our products, and these lounge shorts are no exception. From the selection of materials to the stitching and finishing, every detail is carefully executed to ensure durability and longevity. These shorts are designed to withstand regular wear and maintain their shape and quality over time.

Perfect with:

Our Smoothie Lite Tennis Lounge Shorts are perfectly partnered with hoodiescardigansrobessweaters, and shirts.


The ultra-thin and lightweight new material "Smoothie" is comfortable to wear even during the sweaty season while maintaining the smooth feel of "Smoothie" that glides on the skin. 


 Smoothie developed to be lightweight while maintaining the finest smoothness. It is characterized by ultra-thin and short hair, but you can enjoy the blissful texture that melts in your skin—recommended for those who want to stay refreshed even in the hot season.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.

Size & Chart

size waist hip Rise inseam Crossing width hem width
M. 30in 42in 12in 8in 13in 11in
L. 31in 43in 13in 9in 14in 12in

Details & Care

  • Material:   NYLON55% RAYON45%
  • SKU:  PHNP232928
  • Imported

Care Instructions:

  • Washing: Machine wash your shorts on a gentle cycle with cold water. Use a mild detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the "Smoothie Light" fabric over time.
  • Drying: Tumble dry the shorts on a low heat setting after washing. Alternatively, you can hang them to dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause the colors to fade.
  • Ironing: If necessary, iron the shorts in a low heat setting. However, the "Smoothie Light" fabric is designed to minimize wrinkles, so ironing may not be necessary.
  • General Care: Check the shorts regularly for wear and tear. If you notice any loose threads, carefully cut them off with scissors. Do not pull them, as this can cause further damage.

 Handling & Storage:

  • Drying and Storing: After washing and drying, fold the shorts neatly to prevent wrinkles. The "Smoothie Light" fabric is designed to resist wrinkling, but proper folding can help maintain the shorts' smooth appearance.
  • Location: Store your shorts in a cool, dry place. Avoid damp or humid areas to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Organization: Dedicate a specific drawer or section of your wardrobe for loungewear. This helps to prevent the shorts from being squashed or stretched out of shape.
  • Wearing: When wearing the shorts, be mindful of sharp objects or rough surfaces that could snag or tear the fabric. The "Smoothie Light" material is durable, but avoiding unnecessary damage is always best.