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SUPER MARIO™️ Assorted Patterned Gadget Pouch

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【A luxurious pouch featuring a mix of ally and enemy characters】

A luxurious pouch featuring a mix of ally and enemy characters. It comes in two color variations: Off White, featuring a mood-lifting colorful palette of red, blue, green, and yellow, and Dark gray, offering a calm monochrome atmosphere.
With a double zipper and spacious gusset, this pouch makes it easy to access your items. It also has ample inner pockets for excellent storage capacity. It is recommended for everyday use as well as for travel. A notable feature is the zipper pull shaped like a Super Star.

【About collection】
You'll feel happy wearing both ally and enemy characters at home!
The excitement and thrill of choosing a character,
and the comfort and warmth you feel the moment you slip into the sleeve.
We deliver an exclusive mix of excitement and relaxation
that only Super Mario and Gelato Pique can create.