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SUPER MARIO™️ UNISEX Baby Moco Jacquard Shawl Cardigan

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【An unisex shawl cardigan overflowing with Super Mario's unique charm】

We used the soft, light, and fluffy 'Baby Moco' material.

This knitwear was created to expresses pure gentleness. It is finished with slightly short hair so that you can wear it with ease, yet it is also fluffy and voluminous.

An unisex shawl cardigan overflowing with Super Mario's unique charm. The front features appliqués of characters that seem ready to spring into action, while the back boldly showcases the Gelato Pique logo and characters in jacquard. Coin-shaped buttons are a key detail. It comes in two colors: Off White, with a playful and mood-lifting colorful logo and Mario, and Dark Gray, inspired by Bowser's strong and dark world.

【About collection】
You'll feel happy wearing both ally and enemy characters at home!
The excitement and thrill of choosing a character,
and the comfort and warmth you feel the moment you slip into the sleeve.
We deliver an exclusive mix of excitement and relaxation
that only Super Mario and Gelato Pique can create.