Warm Hoodies for Every Occasion

Hoodies are the ultimate outerwear. Soft and comfortable enough to wear to bed, while still pulling an outfit together when you want to go out for coffee or the gym. Gelato Pique offers a range of cozy, warm hoodies for a variety of purposes and aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a plush sleeping hoodie to keep you warm at night or a cute striped hoodie that looks great with jeans, we offer several kinds to choose from. We even have hoodie dresses, cute animal ear hoodies, stylish logo hoodies, and recycled cotton hoodies. Check out our range and find the hoodie for you!

Trend Alert: Soft Hoodies for Women

... Women want to look put together. Whether their aesthetic is high fashion, casual, professional, or edgy, most people like to express their style through their clothing. Gelato Pique knows this, and that’s why our women’s hoodies collection is a varied as our customers. A plush bear hoodie is ideal for the kawaii lover, while our sleek recycled cotton hoodie is perfect for the environmentally-minded. A fashion striped hoodie can fit with casual, street, athletic or hip-hop styles, while our logo hoodie is a great piece for the brand conscious. No matter your style, you deserve to be comfortable.
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