【EAMES】【MENS】 Air Moco Check-Patterned Parka

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The "Air Moco" is a knit made with recycled polyester thread from PET bottles. It is attractive because it is light and comfortable to wear, as if you were wearing air, and has a dry, fluffy touch.

AIRY MOCO...It has a soft, airy feel and a lightweight sensation as though you're wearing air You may appreciate how like a baked sponge feels. It is the lightest of all Moco Moco knits. Recommended for those who want to stay fresh regardless of the season.

A collaboration with EAMES, a brand that embodies the mid-century, will also be present this spring. A light knit series made of "Airmoco" material, which has a checkered pattern inspired by the graphic design of the masterpiece toy "House of Cards" and colors signature of "EAMES". 

The EAMES logo on the chest of a zip-up hoodie is both practical and stylish. Not only is this a great piece to wear as a layer or as an outer layer, but its ribbed knit and patterned design gives you a variety of textures to play with.

This color is a beautiful blend and is available in ladies' size. We suggest matching it with long pants of the same hue, or layer it up with one-point logo T-shirt from the same series for a stylish look.

Details & Care

  • Material:   POLYESTER100%
  • SKU:   PMNT231956
  • Imported

Size & Chart
size Length bust Sleeve Length shoulder width falling forward hem width
M 27.5in 47.2in 22.4in 21.2in 3.3in 19.6in
L 28.7in 48.8in 23.0in 21.8in 3.5in 20.4in


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